Transcending High-Conflict Divorce

Do you find it impossible to co-parent with your ex? Does your preoccupation with your divorce and your former spouse take up way too much room in your head?

When a high-conflict divorce drags on, it can leave you feeling anxious, depressed, and hopeless. But there are ways to disengage from your toxic ex and reclaim your life. Psychotherapist and former Huffington Post contributor Virginia Gilbert, MFT, uses her expertise in supporting individuals going through a combative divorce to help you to:

  • Understand the dynamics fueling your high-conflict divorce.
  • Diffuse conflict by communicating strategically with your ex.
  • Successfully parallel parent when conventional co-parenting fails.
  • Turn the worst thing that ever happened to you into an opportunity for personal growth and renewal.
  • Written in straightforward language and with humor, this book contains information that will empower you to manage your high-conflict divorce so you can—finally—move on with your life.

Praise for Transcending High-Conflict Divorce

“Based on Virginia Gilbert’s extensive clinical experience, this gem of a book will help readers detach from a high-conflict ex and learn tools to feel empowered rather than stuck in the past. I strongly recommend this reader-friendly book to parents who are going through a high-conflict divorce and want to get over their ex, focus on what they can control, and put their children first.”

Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW,
author of Daughters of Divorce
and owner of Moving Past Divorce

“I have been a fan of Virginia Gilbert’s work for years. She understands high-conflict divorce to a level that is very rare, even amongst her fellow mental health professionals. What I have discovered through my advocacy in the family court system is that the professionals who truly understand this nightmare are the ones who have personally lived it. These are the people that I lean on to navigate the world of high-conflict divorce or child custody battles. If you find yourself in the darkness and are looking to rise above the madness, Virginia Gilbert’s new book, Transcending High-Conflict Divorce, is the road map to help you reclaim your power.”

Tina Swithin,
founder of One Mom’s Battle
and author of Divorcing a Narcissist

“An illuminating and practical guide to recovery from a contentious divorce. Therapist Virginia Gilbert explains the addictive nature of anger and conflict. This insightful book teaches how to modify our responses to our adversaries so we may co-parent successfully, gain self-knowledge, and move on with our lives gracefully.”

—Rosemary Lombardy,
author of Breaking Bonds:
How to Divorce and Abuser and Heal

“If you’re struggling with a high-conflict ex, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Put away the psychology volumes describing the various personality disorders. Here, Virginia Gilbert gives you that information and more as she breaks down the dynamics of a high-conflict divorce, offers understanding (she’s been there too), and then (the best part) delivers specific tools to empower you. The title doesn’t lie: These pages aren’t merely about dealing with a difficult ex, they are about transcending the situation. Read it and free yourself.”

—Tara Eisenhard, divorce coach
and author of The D-Word:
Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes