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How To Communicate With A High-Conflict Person (Without Losing Your Mind)

If you’re stuck having to communicate with someone you can’t stand – a high-conflict co-parent —a crazy-making relative, a quixotic landlord, or anyone who has attached themselves to your life like a toxic barnacle — there’s hope! You can learn to communicate with someone with whom it feels impossible to communicate, but you need a strategy. And you need to…

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5 Good Things You Should Tell Yourself After a Bad Divorce

Your thoughts, not your circumstances, determine if you thrive after divorce. You could end up with the house, your preferred custody plan, the china and the crystal, and still blame your ex for messing up your formerly picture-perfect existence. Or, you could trade the house for an apartment, less custody time than you’d hoped, mismatched…

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The One Thing Everyone Going Through High-Conflict Divorce Must Do

Some time ago I asked a prominent divorce attorney, who had the reputation of being a terrorist, to tell me the top piece of advice she gave to clients undergoing high-conflict divorces. I thought she would respond with something about forensic accountants, or how to get sole custody, or the ever-popular “document, document, document.” But…

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