Love Addiction

How Knowing Your Attachment Style Can Help You Love Well

What You Need To Know In Order To Love Well Most of the clients I treat come to me because they’re having trouble in their relationships. They’re not happy in their current one, not happy because they can’t find a good one, or not happy because they have a crappy divorce that they can’t make…

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How To Tell A Rebound Romance From A Healthy Relationship

Convinced you’ve found a lasting relationship because your new dating partner is everything your ex is not? Or so it seems? Take off your rose-colored glasses before planning a future together, and certainly before introducing your romantic partner to your children. When we’re in a state of infatuation, we tend to project what we want…

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The Amazing Thing That Happens When You Believe That You Matter

Have you ever woken up a year (or two, or ten) into a relationship to find yourself boiling with resentment? You’re sick of feeling unappreciated and taken for granted. You do so many things to accommodate your partner, but there never seems to be much reciprocity. You keep waiting for the day when your partner…

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